We are Construction Reporter

Locally owned and operated for over 65 years.

Who we are

We live and work right here, in the heart of Albuquerque’s downtown industrial section, so we really do know New Mexico and the Southwest. We think, and our customers confirm, that it is our long term presence here that results in better reporting than is available through non-local services.


We provide intense local and regional coverage of planned development and bidding-phase projects as well as actively report on projects in the planning and design phase for contractors and suppliers who are interested in getting their products specified in the design process.

Plan Room

We are a public plan room, with a physical plan library that has occupied the same location near downtown Albuquerque since 1949. Since 2003, we have published an online bid calendar that covers public and private commercial construction projects out for bid in New Mexico and parts of the surrounding states.


With our web-based tools, contractors can download plans and specs and do takeoffs from any location with an Internet connection.

Personalized Service

Free personal tutorials online, over the phone or in your local office. Monthly training webinars and focus groups. A real person answers the phone and always will!

How we work

We’ve been helping our members build the Southwest since 1949, and we remain the only locally-owned, web-based business of our kind. There aren’t many secrets to our success—just real, friendly people providing timely, reliable construction news and services. After more than 60 years of intense local and regional coverage of planned development and bidding-phase projects, we’re the best in the business.

Get all the news and information you need, all in one place. We list a daily average of 200 actively bidding projects. Our news staff works constantly to bring you the projects you need! Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will walk you through all our tools and features in the plan room, at your place of business, or by videoconference. Call now to schedule your training!

We publish Verified Bidders lists, Plan holders’ lists, Apparent Lows, and Awards reporting. All the content you need, all verified by our staff, you can be sure you’re time is well-spent. Members can also join bid lists, add notices about their specialties and DBE status, and advertise their companies when bidding.

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