Advertising Opportunities

Advertise with Construction Reporter and reach a highly targeted audience of businesses and professionals in the construction industry. We offer 3 unique formats to ensure you get maximum exposure for your message.

Required Sizes and Formats

We can accept images in the following formats: .png  .jpg  .gif  .eps

Large: 1170 x122 px

Medium: 384 x 386 px

Small: 384 x 184 px

Home Page Advertising

We offer ad placements on our Home page in 3 different sizes, as well as small and medium ads on all sub-pages.

Call or Email us for more information

Phone: 505-243-9793
Toll Free: 877-292-5739

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Sub-Page Advertising

We offer ad placements on our sub-pages (all pages except for the Home page) in 2 different sizes. Depending on the page, your ad may be shown on the left or the right side of the page's main content.

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