Nov 8, 2017

Bond Funding Variety of Socorro Independent School District Facility Projects Wins in a Landslide


A historically large $448.5 million bond has been approved by nearly a two-to-one margin in metro El Paso.

With all of the returns in, just over 62 percent of voters approved a bond that is designed to address epic enrollment growth in the Socorro Independent School District.

That district includes the cities of Socorro and Horizon, as well as part of East El Paso.

Enrollment in the SISD has jumped from a little over 30,000 a decade ago to more than 46,000 today, with forecasts predicting the number will be nearing the 49,000 mark within the decade.

In response, the bond will pay for the $135 million reconstruction of the existing Socorro High School; as well as $95 million in improvements to the Montwood High School, $30 million for El Dorado High School; and $25 million for Americas High School.

The work at Montwood, El Dorado, and the Americas school will include structural additions, mechanical system upgrades, and both exterior and interior system upgrades.

On the rapidly expanding east side of the district plans are calling for the construction of two new middle schools, and one elementary school.

District wide, the bond will also fund the construction of sixteen new multipurpose rooms.

This is not the first time that SISD voters have proven as supportive of a bond. In 2011, by a similar two-to-one margin, they approved a smaller $297 million bond.


By Garry Boulard

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