Nov 9, 2017

Denver Voters Give Big Approval to Big Bond


The largest general obligation bond in Denver history, funding hundreds of different facility and infrastructure construction projects, has been passed by the city’s voters with a better than two-to-one margin.

The $937 million bond package was actually a series of seven ballot questions, all of which passed by margins ranging from a low of 66 percent to a high of 73 percent.

The bonds will see, among other things, up to $431 million spent on street, sidewalk, and public transportation projects, and $117 million on improvements to the Denver Art Museum, the Denver Botanic Gardens, and a number of performing arts centers and theaters.

Up to $15.2 million will be used to target park and recreational space improvements, while $69 million will go for a series of upgrades to Denver’s extensive library system.

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, who campaigned for the bonds, characterized the results as an “overwhelming vote of confidence in our city.” He added that with the passage of the bonds, “we can improve and repair critical infrastructure in neighborhoods and communities throughout Denver.”

Altogether the bonds will fund just under five hundred individual construction, repair, upgrade, and renovation projects throughout Denver.

The highest voter approval at 73 percent was scored for the $431 bond to fund transportation projects. The lowest, at 66 percent, was for the $16.5 million to pay for the upgrading of the city’s sidewalks and ramps.


By Garry Boulard

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