Nov 20, 2017

Las Cruces May See Construction of Big Outdoor Theater

Could property owned by New Mexico State University be the home to a new 21,000-seat amphitheater?

That is the hope of longtime events promoter Barbara Hubbard, who has made a presentation to the school’s Board of Regents exploring the idea.

The Regents, in response, have put aside 55 acres near the school’s 18-hole golf course if funding for what would be a multi-use facility can be found.

Hubbard is the former director of special events at NMSU and executive director of the American Collegiate Showcase, a nonprofit dedicated to funding scholarships for students with performing arts career tracks.

She has, in the space of a lengthy career, organized events for the likes of Barth Brooks, Neil Diamond, and Bob Hope, among many others.

Hubbard says she is convinced that Las Cruces and the surrounding area could support such a facility, which could also be used for monster truck shows, rodeos and other purposes.

She is a recent recipient of NMSU’s prestigious Presidential Medallion, given in recognition of her scholarship work.

The Regents’ preliminary vote sets a deadline of 2019 for securing financial backing for the project.


By Garry Boulard

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