Dec 4, 2017

New Veterinary Program in Arizona Will See Renovation of Existing Building

A one-story, 30,000 square-foot structure on the new Oro Valley campus of the University of Arizona may soon be renovated and upgraded to make way for classrooms, veterinary operating suites, and offices.

Members of the Arizona Board of Regents have voted to give their approval to an $8 million renovation of the structure at 1580 E. Hanley Boulevard.

That building, which was put up in 1987, sits on a 4.6-acre site that school officials have earlier said may be used to accommodate an expansion of the veterinary program.

The program marks UA’s first foray into the Oro Valley area, which is 10 miles to the north of the school’s main campus in Tucson.

What is being described as a veterinary medicine program will be designed in part to supply a shortage in large animal veterinary care in Arizona.

Work on the building is expected to start next summer with a July 2019 completion date.


By Garry Boulard

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