Dec 7, 2017

El Paso Community College Spearheading Multi-Campus Upgrade

Plans remain underway for the $255 million transformation of El Paso Community College’s five existing campuses.

The two-year school, with administrative offices located at 9050 Viscount Boulevard on the east side of the city, officially launched its first classes in leased space at Fort Bliss in 1972.

Not until the late 1970s did EPCC build its first two campuses: Valle Verde in southeast El Paso, and Transmountain on the northeast side.

The school has since added three more campuses.

In July, EPCC’s Board of Trustees voted to proceed with the design of the Rio Grande campus upgrade in central El Paso as part of a larger two-phase master plan to build new facilities at all of the school’s campuses.

But a start date for work on that particular campus may be delayed due to the fact that a portion of the school’s property is made up of an historic overlay populated by one Queen Anne style house built more than a century ago, and a brick wall that fronted a similar since-demolished structure.

Members of the El Paso Historic Landmark Commission have now voted in favor of delaying approval of the Rio Grande campus work in the hope that what remains of the historic property can be incorporated into the facility design.

It is thought that EPCC will come up with a new or amended design for the campus that will satisfy the commission’s recommendations.


By Garry Boulard

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