Dec 7, 2017

Colorado May See Construction of Dozens of New Hamburger Outlets


A popular California hamburger chain is making plans to build a production facility and distribution center in Colorado.

That simple fact, in turn, may lead to the construction of up to 50 new hamburger outlets for the Irvine, California-based In-N-Out Burger company.

With nearly 330 locations in the states of Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, and Texas, In-N-Out is known for its “double-double” burger, made up of two hamburger patties and two slices of cheese.

But because the company, which was founded in 1948, has always insisted on using only fresh food, it has required the existence of a production and distribution center no more than 300 miles away from any given restaurant.

Now In-N-Out is in the planning stages for building just such a facility in Colorado Springs, inside the 153-acre Victory Ridge commercial complex on the north side of the city.

That location will make it possible for In-N-Out to build new restaurant outlets in such cities as Aurora, Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins, and Grand Junction.

The chain has recently been on an expansion spree. After building a distribution center in Dallas in 2011, it opened 36 new locations in Texas over a span of the next 5 years.

In-N-Out restaurants typically measure around 3,800 square feet on 45,000 square-foot lots. The outlets have indoor dining spaces for up to 75 people.

A date for when work will begin on the Colorado Springs production and distribution center, as well as the new In-n-Out locations in Colorado, remains to be announced.


By Garry Boulard

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