Apr 10, 2017

Proposed New Mexico Transmission Line Project Gets Negative Public Reviews

The long-planned proposed construction of a transmission line that will connect two substations owned by the Public Service Company of New Mexico is so far not going over well with area residents.

The $80 million project, which is being developed by the Dallas-based Hunt Power, would see the construction of 33 miles of 345-kilowatt transmission lines between a substation in Rio Arriba County and another such facility in Santa Fe County.

But early public input on the project indicates that many residents are so far unimpressed with the project, objecting in particular to a series of planned 90 to 110-foot tall power line poles that they say will obstruct the views of those who live on property owned by the historic Santa Clara Pueblo.    

Hunt Power has said it is taking into consideration the concerns of such residents and plans to present a modified project proposal in the future.

Earlier reports indicate that work on what is being called the Verde Transmission Line project could begin in 2018. 


By Garry Boulard

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