Apr 10, 2017

New Hotel in Durango, Colorado Will Feed Off Natural Attraction


Residents of and visitors to Durango, Colorado are greatly invested in the Animas River that runs north to south through the city’s downtown area.

Besides those who fish in the moving water body, there are thousands of people who every day walk, jog, bike and skateboard along its banks.

Now a Columbia-Missouri development company that concentrates on hospitality projects, wants to build an 86-room hotel on a 1.9-acre site just off the Animas.

According to city documents submitted by the Central Design Group, the three-story hotel will encompass more than 56,000 square feet, set back on some 305 feet of river frontage.

In order to make way for the new project, an existing 1970s-era strip mall at the 1111 Camino del Rio site will first be demolished.

Neither the brand of the hotel nor its construction schedule has yet been announced.


By Garry Boulard

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