Apr 12, 2017

Upscale Report Planned for Interior of El Paso Smart Community

Work is scheduled to begin this fall on the construction of a four-acre resort that will go up inside the already-existing Montecillo smart growth community on the west side of El Paso.

Launched in 2011, Montecillo is a $777 million modern urban group of neighborhoods encompassing almost 300 acres.

The community’s master plan puts an emphasis on green space, walkable areas, and energy-efficient construction, among other features, with houses in the price range of just over $200,000 to almost twice that.

The new resort will take up four acres and will have a Marriott-brand hotel and clubhouse with fitness facilities, yoga and aerobics space, a kitchen, and concierge desk.

The 12,000 square foot clubhouse will also include three large restaurants.

Developed by the El Paso-based EPT Land Communities, Montecillo is the city’s first significant smart community project.


By Garry Boulard

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