Apr 13, 2017

Two El Paso Schools May See Renovation and Consolidation

Officials with the El Paso Independent School District are looking into the possibility of renovating an existing elementary school and middle school with the larger purpose of consolidating them into one facility.

The two facilities, Hughey Elementary School and Ross Middle School, share the same site at 6101 Hughey Drive in central El Paso.

Although an earlier proposal called for spending $13 million to rebuild the Hughey school and $39 million to do the same with the Ross school, a new proposal calls for consolidating the two facilities.

By so doing, the district would only be spending $48 million, which will also pay for the construction of a new two-story addition to the Hughey school.

Money for the upgrading and new construction will come out of a $668 million bond approved by El Paso Independent School District residents last fall.

Public input meetings on the Hughey/Ross projects are expected to be scheduled in the near future. 


By Garry Boulard

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