Apr 20, 2017

Out With a Shopping Center, In With a New Apartment Building in Denver

A one-story shopping center that was built in the 1970s will soon be demolished on the southeast side of Denver to make way for a new apartment complex.

The Criterion Shopping Center at 2154 S. Colorado Boulevard has been the home in recent years to a furniture store, yoga salon, and restaurant, but has also had a number of vacancies.

The Houston-based Dinerstein Companies, which specializes in the development of multi-family housing and student housing mostly in Texas and California, purchased the 45,000 square foot building last year.

Dinerstein has since announced that it wants to get rid of the underperforming shopping center and replace it with a 5-story building that will house just under 200 apartment units.

Although the project awaits city approval, it is thought that work on the new building will begin later this year with a 2019 completion date.


By Garry Boulard

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