Apr 24, 2017

El Paso High Schools May See Wider Range of Construction and Upgrading

Six high schools that are a part of the El Paso Independent School District could soon see major construction, upgrading, and renovation work.

Under consideration by members of the EPISD board is the renovation of five structures that are a part of Andress High School at 5400 Sun Valley Drive. As proposed, that school would also see the construction of a new fine arts building.

Austin High School at 35000 Memphis Avenue could see exterior upgrades to its main building and the construction of a fine arts building. Burges High School at 7800 Edgemere Boulevard would see the construction of a three-story addition housing offices and classrooms.

Work at the Coronado High School at 100 Champions Place would also see a new three-story addition for offices and classrooms, as well as the renovation of three existing buildings.

A new addition would be built at El Paso High School at 800 E. Schuster Avenue, along with the renovation of a historic building on that school’s campus; while Irvin High School at 9465 Roanoke Drive would see the construction of a two-story building for offices and classrooms as well as the renovation of an existing building.

All of the projects will be paid for out of a $688 million bond approved by EPISD voters last year. A final decision regarding the high school work is expected to be made this spring.


By Garry Boulard

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