May 5, 2017

New Fed Ex Freight Terminal to Be Built in Colorado


The always-busy Fed Ex Freight will soon have a new terminal in Colorado Springs.

Plans are underway for the construction of three buildings on a 30-acre site at the intersection of Powers Boulevard and Airport Road that once belonged to the Colorado Springs Airport.

Those structures will include a cargo terminal with 64 loading bays, and a maintenance and repair building, for a combined total of 47,000 square feet.

The project got a green light last month when members of the Colorado Springs City Council voted to include the site in the city’s Commercial Aeronautical Zone. That zone is designed to promote the growth of air transportation-related businesses and industries.

The new terminal will be part of a network of around five hundred Fed Ex Freight terminals in the U.S. and Canada.

Fed Ex Freight, which is a part of the larger Memphis-based Fed Ex Corporation, last year recorded more than $5 billion in revenue.

Work on the new Colorado Springs terminal is expected to begin later this summer.


By Garry Boulard

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