May 8, 2017

Arizona School Construction Included in New Budget

Up to $64 million has been allotted for the construction of half a dozen new schools in Arizona.

Those six schools will be built in the Chandler, Vail, and Queen Creek areas.

Funding for the new schools is a part of a larger $9.8 billion budget approved by members of the state legislature as they concluded their regular 2017 session. 

That budget is now on the way to Governor Doug Ducey for his signature.

In addition, the budget includes $80 million for regular school facility upkeep, plus the creation of an innovative program making it possible for Arizona’s universities to borrow up to $1 billion for campus maintenance projects as well as the construction of new research facilities.

In a statement, Ducey said, noting Arizona’s slow climb out of the Great Recession, “For the first time in a decade we are making significant and lasting investments to grow our state.”

It is not known when the governor will approve the overall budget.


By Garry Boulard

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