May 8, 2017

Lawsuit May Challenge Plans for New El Paso Arena


El Paso city officials say they have acquired enough property to begin the construction of a $180 million multi-purpose downtown arena.

The project has proven endlessly controversial with residents in the targeted Duranguito neighborhood complaining about the way in which the El Paso City Council selected their part of the city for the arena, saying the council did not conduct enough public hearings on the matter.

Now a lawsuit may be filed by an El Paso attorney, charging that the City of El Paso did not specifically mention that the arena would be built downtown in the ballot language of the successful 2012 Quality of Life bond that is paying for the project.

That suit has the support of the El Paso History Alliance, an association of local and regional historians.

Although the city now has the needed property for the project, news reports indicate that one homeowner has held off against all city offers.

In response, El Paso officials say the arena will be built around that homeowner’s property.


By Garry Boulard

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