May 12, 2017

Another Amazon Presence Planned for Colorado

Just months after work has started on a massive $130 million square foot Amazon fulfillment center in Aurora, Colorado, the electronic commerce giant has announced that it wants to open a new distribution center some 40 miles to the northwest.

The facility will be built out in a suburban section of Boulder dotted with offices and warehouses at 3550 Frontier Avenue.

Amazon plans to repurpose over 19,000 square feet inside a larger warehouse measuring 125,000 square feet, with the intention of creating space for its distribution services, as well as an office, break room, and several bathrooms.

Both Amazon’s distribution and fulfillment centers have, until recently, been clustered on the East coast, the Midwest, and Texas. The company’s increasing presence in Colorado represents an ongoing effort to improve and speed up its logistics network.

Plans for the company’s latest Colorado site are currently under review by the City of Boulder’s planning staff.  


By Garry Boulard

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