May 15, 2017

Troubled Rio Rancho Golf Course to Get Master Plan


Just over a month after an abandoned 275-acre golf course in Rio Rancho was purchased by an Albuquerque developer, a land planning firm has been brought in to put together a master plan for the property.

Club Rio Rancho, at 500 country Club Drive SE, has faced a number of financial challenges in recent years, including an overdue water bill reported to be in excess of $100,000, leading to its abrupt closing in December.

The property, which includes a country club and swimming pool, had seen more than $2.4 million in improvements after it was purchased by an outside party in 2002.

In early April, Albuquerque attorney and developer John Skarsgard purchased the site. Although no specific plans for the property were announced at the time of that purchase, Skarsgard has since conducted a community outreach asking for suggestions.

Now the City of Rio Rancho has contracted with Albuquerque’s Consensus Planning in the hope of putting together a master plan for the property. Input from the surrounding neighborhood regarding the course’s future is expected to be a part of that process.

Earlier reports indicated that the property may simply be redeveloped as a golf course, or could see some residential construction.


By Garry Boulard

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