May 16, 2017

Chandler Fire Department Hoping for New Fire Station on the Growing Side of a Growing City

The statistics tell the dramatic story: Chandler, Arizona has added another 100,000 people in just the last decade and a half for a current total of 260,000.

Many of the new residents are moving into, and building on, the south side of the city - and that’s what has Chandler Fire Department officials worried.

They say that current response times to fires in that part of the city average about seven minutes, too slow for a department that prides itself on having an average five minute response time everywhere else.

Solution? The department wants to build a new station on the south side, at the intersection of Gilbert Road and Ocotillo Road. According to estimates, that station would cost almost $4 million to build.

The new station proposal is being folded into a larger City of Chandler request for up to $377 million to be spent in fiscal year 2018 on a variety of capital projects.

Members of the Chandler City Council are expected to give their final approval to that budget during their upcoming June 8 meeting.


By Garry Boulard

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