May 19, 2017

Alamogordo Theatre May Get Upgrade


The historic Flickinger Center for Performing Arts in downtown Alamogordo may see a series of facility upgrades if the needed funding can be secured.

Members of the Otero County Commission have given their approval to a plan to replace the upper part of the theatre’s marquee, which dates to the mid-1950s, after theater officials said much of the wiring and transformers in it were no longer operative.

The theater has also recently received a $100,000 donation that may be used for upgrading purposes, and is waiting to see if it will be the recipient of another $100,000; this, from a USA Today community project grant.

That money could fund the upgrading of the theatre’s electrical system and pay for new neon lights at the front of the building, as well as LED lighting below the theatre’s front awning.

A 590-seat theatre that sees up to 30,000 visitors a year, the Flickinger, at 1110 N. New York Avenue, was formerly the Sierra Theatre and underwent a general renovation in the 1990s.

Like the Flickinger, the Sierra Theatre often hosted special events, such as a weekly Sunday school for a local Christian Science group.

A 1959 ad in the Alamogordo Daily News read: “Boys Wanted to Help Dr. Morris Cut Off the Legs of Beautiful Girls at the Sierra Theatre on Saturday for the House of Horrors Show.”


By Garry Boulard

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