Aug 11, 2017

Wide Variety of El Paso Projects to Get Additional Funding

Work on the Northgate Transfer Center, at the site of the former Northgate Shopping Mall in El Paso, is just one of a list of projects in line to get additional funding through certificates of obligation.

If those certificates of obligation are finally approved, the Northgate facility will get $1 million on top of the $10 million which has already been allocated for the project.  

Altogether, members of the El Paso City Council are considering approving nearly $69 million in certificates of obligation funding. The action does not require voter approval.

Among the other projects which could be positively impacted are improvements to two fire station restrooms, at $500,000; $2.5 million for repairs to a police parking garages; and $700,000 for the construction of restrooms in the San Jacinto Park.

According to city documents,$25 million will go for public safety projects, $18 million for street work; and $19 million to help complete Quality of Life projects originally approved by El Paso voters 5 years ago.

While the El Paso City Council has approved which projects should receive the certificates of obligation funding, it most likely won’t make a final decision on the funding itself until later this fall.    


By Garry Boulard

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