Apr 25, 2016

Two New Schools Proposed for Boulder, Colorado

In a fast-growing school district in one of the fastest-growing cities of Colorado, planning may soon be underway for the construction of two new public schools.

The Boulder Valley School District is studying the possibility of building a new elementary school and a new high school that would replace the 110 year-old New Vista High School at 700 20th Street.

The plans for the new schools are in response to continued enrollment growth which may see 200 additional students in the district’s school this fall. Overall enrollment in the district has jumped from around 28,000 eight years ago to more than 30,000 today.

Funding for the building of the two new schools may be contingent upon whether or not the University of Colorado purchases a current district school called University Hill Elementary at 956 16th Street.

The university has wants to buy the school, which is one block to the south of the CU campus, for additional space. District officials say that even if the school is purchased any time soon, it would most likely be a minimum of three years until construction on the two new schools would launch.

The Boulder Valley School District currently has nearly 70 elementary, middle, and high schools.


By Garry Boulard

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