Sep 1, 2017

Colorado School District with Aging Buildings Seeks Bond Funding

A series of modernization, technology, infrastructure updates, and major maintenance projects could be launched next year in a Colorado Springs school district if voters in November give the thumbs up to a $42 million bond issue.

The projects would all take place within the city’s District 11 and would see upgrades at more than fifty elementary, middle, and high schools.

Located in central Colorado Springs, District 11 is the tenth largest school district in the state with an enrollment of more than 26,000 students.

But it is also a district where most of the schools were built in the 1960s, with many still lacking air-conditioning.

The bond question, which has been approved by the district’s school board, calls for a tax of just under four dollars a month for properties valued at $100,000 and up.

The proposal may face rough going: district voters defeated two similar questions in 2016.


By Garry Boulard

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