Sep 22, 2017

Suddenly Hot Colorado Food Technology Company Wants to Build New Production Facility

A Colorado company that specializes in several mushroom-based protein products has announced plans to build a new facility.

The Aurora-based Myco Technology currently has a facility in a one-floor building shared by other tenants at 3155 N. Chambers Road on the north side of the city.

But the company, which started in 2013, has recently completed a round of fundraising that has netted it nearly $35 million, more than enough to build a new manufacturing facility, also in Aurora.

Most prominently making two products called Pure Taste and Clean Taste, the company applies fungi molecules for use as a sugar replacement.

Industry analysts say that in a world addicted to sugar, the potential for a product that can enhance and sweeten foods and drinks without using sugar is limitless.


By Garry Boulard

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Construction plans for Myco’s new facility have not yet been announced.

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