Oct 2, 2017

High-Tech Biogas Facility May Be Built in Pima County


A new plant that will produce methane-rich biogas from sewerage sludge may be built in Pima County, Arizona.

Officials say the facility would make the county more energy independent, with revenues generated by the estimated $8 million plant used to pay for its construction.

Pima County currently burns off, rather than uses, wastewater biogas at its Tres Rio Wastewater Reclamation facility in Tucson.

Still in the talking stage, the project, in order to become reality, would have to first win the approval of the Pima County Board of Commissioners.

More than 2,200 such plants are currently up and running nationally. Depending upon their size, such facilities typically cost anywhere from $5 million to $27 million to build.

If members of the Pima County Commission greenlight the project, a Request for Proposals would be issued later this year, with anticipated construction of the biogas plant most likely launching next summer.


By Garry Boulard

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