Oct 5, 2017

Ever-Expanding Phoenix Light Rail to See Construction of Hub Station in the Heart of the City


A much-awaited new light rail station is scheduled for construction in downtown Phoenix, adding a highly visible component to the city’s ever-expanding light rail system.

The new facility will go up at S. Central Avenue and Washington Street in a part of town that is surrounded by modern office highrises.

Part of a larger $500 million expansion of the city’s transit system, which is operated by Valley Metro Rail, the new station’s design earlier this spring won the approval of the Phoenix City Council.

Valley Metro operates a 26-mile rail line that has constantly been expanded in recent years and runs in a general east-to-west and back-again direction.

The new station will be a part of the 5-mile South Central Light Rail Extension project, which was launched earlier this year and will accommodate passenger transfers from the current main line to the anticipated new branch lines.

City officials expect the design phase of the project to be completed later this year.


By Garry Boulard

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