Oct 6, 2017

El Paso Arena Battle Returns to Court

Plans to build a $180 million arena in downtown El Paso have once again been challenged by a Texas district court ruling blocking the potential sports use of the facility.

Texas Civil District Court Judge Amy Clark Meachum had ruled in August that the City of El Paso was prohibited from building a sports arena that would be paid for out of the city’s Quality of Life bonds because ballot language for those bonds never specifically mentioned that the facility would be used for that purpose.

Meachum did not rule against the construction of the arena itself, something that activists in the downtown Duranguito neighborhood where the arena is slated to be built, are ultimately hoping for.

Instead she said that El Paso, according to the ballot language, could build an arena that would be used for theatrical events, musical performances, and other such presentations.

El Paso City officials, including Mayor Dee Margo, continue to maintain that the bond language allows for an arena that will host sporting events, and have vowed to appeal Meachum’s ruling.

Throughout the now one-year old controversy regarding construction of the arena, it has been thought that the facility would not prove financially successful unless it is allowed to host sporting events.


By Garry Boulard

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