Oct 10, 2017

In Denver: A Lack of Sidewalks Hinders Walkable City Goals

Even though the City of Denver is asking for nearly $31 million for sidewalk construction in its big $937 million bond package in November, members of the city council think more money is needed in a quest to improve local mobility options.

As a result, that council has voted in favor of asking Mayor Michael Hancock to include in his proposed 2018 budget some $2.5 million for sidewalk projects.

Those projects could include both building and repairing sidewalks throughout the city.

According to studies, there are nearly 3,400 miles of sidewalks in Denver. Some of those sidewalks are cracked, or missing segments, or just dirt spaces where sidewalks once existed.

The group Walk Denver, whose goal is to make Denver the most walkable city in the nation, argues that good sidewalks are especially crucial to the estimated one third of the city’s residents who don’t drive due to income, disability, or age factors.

It is thought that more than 520 miles of the city have no sidewalks at all, with 90 miles comprising sidewalks that are on just one side of the street.


By Garry Boulard

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