Oct 12, 2017

Las Cruces Recreation Space Could See Expansion

Up to $18 million in upgrades and more could eventually be seen at the Meerscheidt Recreation Center site at 1600 E. Hadley Avenue in Las Cruces.

Las Cruces city officials are studying informal proposals calling for enhanced lighting, parking upgrades, the construction of a small dog park, a new trail network and water feature, and the rebuilding of an existing wooden playground, complete with child-size adobes and mazes.

Both the practice fields and the 30,000 square-foot center, which were built in 1973, are heavily used by area high school students and adults.

According to one idea, in order to make room for some of the site’s expansion, several nearby existing city buildings may be demolished as part of what would be a multi-phase project.

A formalized plan for the site’s expansion and renovation work is expected to be presented in December to the Las Cruces City Council.  


By Garry Boulard

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