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Southwest Construction News

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Apr 28, 2016

Taking in several hundred dogs and cats yearly, the Santa Cruz Humane Society in Nogales, Arizona is obviously not one of the larger shelters, but because it operates out of a nearly 100 year-old facility with maintenance issues it is in need of a new home.

Apr 28, 2016

Plans are in the works for the construction of a one-story charter school building that will house 32 classrooms in the town of Payson in southeast central Arizona.

Apr 28, 2016

With an enrollment that has jumped from some 26,000 to more than 29,000 in the last several years, Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) is engaged in a never-ending quest to build new structures and upgrade the ones it has.

Apr 28, 2016

Reflecting a population increase that has seen an increasing demand for downtown Colorado Springs residential space, the Nor’Wood Development Group has announced plans to build a 187-unit apartment complex.

Apr 28, 2016

An increase in the workload of the Sandoval County Magistrate Court in has led in recent years to calls for a larger courtroom facility.

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Featured Stories

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Jul 21, 2017

A demand for newer and more apartment units has fueled the national construction industry since the depths of the Great Recession.

Jul 7, 2017

Hard-boiled and peeled eggs that make their way to retailers, restaurants, and convenience stores across the country will soon be coming out of a new 120,000 square foot facility in Yuma, Arizona.

Jun 30, 2017

Roughly a decade after the onset of the Great Depression, new home construction nationally is showing signs of life again, with more than 1.1 million units being built last year.

But it’s a tale of two different recoveries, according to a report just released by the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University called The State of the Nation’s Housing 2017.

Jun 30, 2017

Mike Billadeau says the idea of constructing what is being billed as the “world’s largest sports park,” did not come overnight.

“I’ve been working on this vision, for lack of a better word, for about five years now,” says Billadeau, who is the executive director of the proposed Rocky Mountain Sports Park.

“But it really took on a life of its own once I started to talk to Ryan Spilborghs about it,” continues Billeadeau.

Jun 20, 2017

“We’re starting around 4 in the morning and finishing up around 9 p.m.,” says Jay Hill of the crop work he and his crew are doing on a sprawling farm site in Berino, New Mexico.

That work at the Wholesome Valley Farms’ expanding operation is anything but easy. But Hill isn’t complaining. “It’s only been about 100 degrees or so the last couple of days,” he laughs.

Hill is the hands-on chief executive officer of Wholesome Valley’s Berino farm, an enterprise drawing praise from around the state and region for transforming a swath of southern New Mexico land from a hopelessly contaminated past into a promising future.

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